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These songs were produced using Audovia, a Linux application which can make music with up to fifteen instrumental voices and a percussion track.

Click on the song name to play or pause and double-click to rewind.

Audovia is great for making background music for videos or backing tracks for playing or singing along to.  Even ringtones for your mobile phone.

The quality of your music will depend on your choice of instrument for each voice and your choice of soundbank.  One good soundbank is available here and there are more at Soundfonts 4U.

The video shows a song being imported from an archive file.

The structure of the song is displayed as a tree view before it is played back using the default soundbank.

The notes are specified by their name and octave, and their durations are specified either by a character code or by a numeric value preceded by a /.

Notes can be entered manually or by picking from graphic Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass staves within the MusicString editor.

You can export songs to MIDI, MusicXML and WAV files.

The songs here were produced by opening the WAV files in Audacity and then exporting to MP3.

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