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To install Audovia on a Linux snapd enabled system:

     sudo snap install audovia

Desktop shortcut:


On Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh, you can use Oracle's VirtualBox to run a suitable Linux system such as Ubuntu (64‑bit) in a virtual machine.

The Audovia Interface directory can be used to share MIDI, MusicXML and WAV output files with other snappy applications.

This directory can be synced by running the desktop shortcut:


We recommend copying this to:


This hidden directory can be accessed by pressing ctrl+H.

These songs were produced using Audovia, a Linux application which can make music with up to fifteen instrumental voices and a percussion track.

Instruments can be chosen from the default soundbank of 128 instruments or from any other soundbank of your choice.

Audovia is great for making background music for videos or backing tracks for playing or singing along to.  Even ringtones for your mobile phone.

Songs can be developed, tested and edited very quickly and easily by virtue of the database structure and the JFugue MusicString notation.

Notes are specified by their name and octave or by their MIDI value and they may be entered manually or by picking from graphic Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass staves within the MusicString editor.  Durations are expressed as numerical values or by character codes.

You can use notes from C0 to G10, corresponding to MIDI values 0 to 127.  Middle C is C5.  The opening phrase of Joy to the World can be written as:

     C6q  B5i.  A5s  G5q.  F5i  E5q  D5q  C5q.

Songs can be exported to MIDI, MusicXML and WAV.

The MIDI files can be opened in LMMS for music processing.  The WAV files can be opened in Audacity, then exported to MP3 and the MusicXML files can be opened in MuseScore for music publishing.

Additional Features:

Quick start:

  1. File/Song Import/open Demo folder, select a song and import;
  2. Tree View/select "Song", press Play, then Default Soundbank.

The quality of your music will depend on your choice of instrument for each voice and your choice of soundbank.  One good soundbank is available here and there are more at Soundfonts 4U.

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