Pipe Tunes

Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe

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Light Music    Piobaireachd

These tunes were produced using Audovia which uses JFugue MusicString notation.  Notes within a MusicString are specified by their name and duration.  Durations can be expressed as pulses where 32 pulses represents a quarter note (crotchet).  An 'E' quarter note preceded by a 'G' gracenote can be written as [G]/2 [E]/30.

In most of the tunes, the taorluaths and grips have been moved forward so that the beat falls on the 'D' gracenote.  This improves expression and helps to give the tune that elusive "lift".

The tunes were exported from Audovia to WAV format, most using the Roland gm.dls soundbank, and opened in Audacity where they were amplified by 8 and exported to MP3.  XML versions which you can import into Audovia are available here.

For a more realistic practice chanter sound you can use the TimGM6mbPC1t.sf2 soundbank with I[chanter] X[bank_select_coarse]=1 as in Mrs Lily Christie.

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